Adobe Illustrator Course in Chakwal – Lahore – Rawalpindi

Adobe Illustrator Course in Chakwal

Adobe Illustrator is a graphic design program used primarily to create vector graphics. Developed in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop as a complementary product, it is used to create logos, visual identities, strips and fonts for Photoshop’s photography layout. While constantly updated, Painting added new features to its versions, such as three-dimensional applications and the addition of realistic brushes. If you are interested in learning the basics of painting and where it can be used, check out the tutorial below that explains it briefly. Adobe Illustrator Course in Chakwal

Born in 1987, it paved the way for a new era in the world of digital publishing and graphic design, which designers gave them free rein without hesitation, creating countless digital works of creative illustration and art. There are those who have endured over time and are still grateful for the adaptation and evolution of the tool.Hairs institute offer a Adobe Illustrator Course in Lahore

Adobe Illustrator Outline

  • Document Setup
  • Templates & Art boards
  • Creating Objects, Guides and Layers
  • Object Editing Essentials
  • Transformation
  • Duplication & Alignment
  • Colors, Gradients & Patterns
  • Different Strokes
  • Shape Builder and Path Finder
  • Custom Shape Creation
  • Drawing & Refining Paths
  • Type, Styles & Typography
  • Working with Images & Marks

Adobe Illustrator Course Fee : 10000/-

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One of the advantages of Adobe Illustrator from the beginning is that it allows you to resize any design, be it for printing or for screens. , Which has been the most powerful element since the creation of the device.

When Adobe Illustrator was launched, it was only available in its version for Apple Macintosh; It is important to note that Illustrator is software developed by Adobe after the success of PostScript. Adobe Illustrator Course in Chakwal

Using Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is drawing software that is primarily used to create vector graphics. Adobe Photoshop was co-developed with Adobe Photoshop as a complementary product, and was used to create logos, drawings, cartoons, and fonts for realistic Adobe Photoshop layouts. Newer versions of this software, from Adobe Illustrator CS to CS5, have many new features, such as adding dimensional applications and realistic brushes. If you are interested in the basic functions and applications of Adobe Illustrator, here is a brief tutorial on the possibilities. Adobe Illustrator course online Classes at Skype based. we offer Adobe Illustrator free course with certificate at free of cast. get Free Adobe Illustrator course at watch our youtube channel

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