Amazon FBA Course in Chakwal – Rawalpindi

Amazon FBA Course in Chakwal

Haris Institute offer a amazon fba course form chakwal , Lahore, Rawalpindi , Pakistan amazon course includes of product listing selling management. in this amaozn training you will learn how to manage a store on amaozn marketplaces.

in this amazon seller training will taring how to create a Amazon seller account and how to optometrist a product get list of product of amazon fba program. After successfully completion of Amazon web store training course, you will be awarded Amazon Training Certificate and you can pursue your career as Amazon Marketing Expert or start selling your own products on Amazon get amazon fba course in chakwal and Rawalpindi get live practical training and special online classes.

Amazon FBA Course Outline

  • Introduction to Amazon
  • What is product advertising
  • How to create an account on amazon
  • Documents required for creating an account on Amazon
  • Amazon products
  • How to list products in Amazon
  • Products listing.
  • Products management.
  • Products optimization
  • Keywords rankings
  • Upload Html, images, videos
  • Multiple ways for writing product title and product description.
  • Amazon web store conversion tracking
  • Practices for reaching millions of customers.
  • Web store & order management.
  • Amazon Health
  • reviews, feedback and ratings.
  • Set up your local and International account on Amazon.
  • Learn all possible opportunities
  • Traffic and Sells reporting and tracking section.

Amazon FBA Course Fee: 25000/-

Amazon FBA Course in Chakwal Rawalpindi for more information Call No: 0332-5649993 – Haris Institute

What is Amazon?

Amazon SL (Limited Partnership) is a US-based company whose main market is e-commerce with cloud computing services.

It is headquartered in Washington, DC. Amazon was one of the first companies to sell and sell goods on the Internet on a large scale and its slogan is “A to Z” (A to Z).

It has managed to set up completely independent websites for many markets in which it exists all over the world, such as

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • France
  • China
  • Japan
  • American
  • United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Canada, Australia
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Países Bajos
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Mexico

In this way, the company is able to offer specific products for each of these countries. In other countries where Amazon is also present, it performs technical support functions, such as Costa Rica, since it is based there and is the center of attention throughout Latin America, one of the country’s largest companies. Jobs are not less than 7,500, XNUMX.

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, where you can find virtually anything you need because it’s pretty sure someone is selling it.
Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, the same year he left his previous job as vice president of DESHA & Co., a large Wall Street company.

Following his resignation, Bezos decided to move to Seattle, where he began creating a unique business plan via the Internet, which over time we now know as ۔

The initial public offering of Amazon shares began on May 15, 1997, and was trading under the Nasdaq stock symbol AMZN, at which time the company’s stock was trading at a price of $ 18 per share. Best Amazon FBA course

The business plan that Amazon initially decided to pursue was completely unusual and unexpected. The company did not expect to make a profit until four or five years later, and due to such “slow” growth, shareholders began to complain that the company did not return profits so fast to justify its investment. Has been and even was not. It was conducive to long-term survival.

Amazon has survived the turn of the century and represents all the worries of growing to become a huge online sales website.

Finally, his first profit in the fourth quarter of 2001 was million 5 million, or 1% of the stock, which easily exceeded N XNUMX billion. Udemy Amazon FBA free course

When this small but encouraging profit margin began to appear, it proved to the skeptics that the success of Jeff’s unconventional business model could be predicted.

For 1999, Time Magazine named Jeff Bezos Man of the Year.Amazon FBA Course in Pakistan

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