Bol Game Show Helpline

If you watch Bol Game Show at the Bol Game Show Helpline, the way to check the winner of Bol Game Show is: Bol Game Show. Now Pakistan’s most famous and best show is Bol Game Show and its popularity is famous all over the world and its rating is also going very good and … Read more

Safety Officer Course in Peshawar – Haris Institute

Every workplace is full of hazards and risks. People go to work, get entangled with hazards and receive injuries and pains, in worst cases deaths. According to Legal standards ILO C155 & R164, every employer is bound to provide a safe working environment to its workplace. Therefore, Safety officer course in Peshawar Pakistan plays and important … Read more

AutoCAD Course in Rawalpindi – 2D + 3D – Training

AutoCAD Course

Haris institute Rawalpindi campus offer a short turn courses at AutoCAD Course in Rawalpindi to create a 2d and 3d drawings. get AutoCADis professional level training in including theory and practical work with complete 2d drawing get best practice of AutoCAD software. AutoCAD software at Auto Desk company get use of international standard in AutoCAD … Read more

SEO Course in Islamabad – Rawalpindi – Learn SEO

SEO Course in islamabad

Haris institute offer a SEO course in Islamabad . SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means optimizing a website for search engines. SEO is the process of increasing the amount and quality of traffic to a website through free and natural search results on search engines. SEO is an invention and knowledge, art and … Read more

Social Media Marketing Course – Facebook – Twitter

This is the digital age and the advancement of technology has changed our lives a lot over time. Just look at marketing, for example, the work that used to be done through TV commercials and big billboards is now done through social media and is more effective. Social media marketing is much cheaper and more … Read more

App Development Course in Rawalpindi – Lahore

Haris institute offer a app development course in Rawalpindi – Islamabad . android development is fast and growing filed of programming software . basic java programs & object oriented programming you can start a learning android studio.  If you are looking to start developing your own Android based mobile applications, then this app development course … Read more

Safety Officer Course in Rawalpindi – 10% Discount

Haris institute offer a Safety Officer Course in Rawalpindi – Islamabad about basic components of safety & equip the individual necessary competence to handle technical report writing if something happens in the field and guide the personals about hazards and risks. This course design for  Supervisors / Safety Supervisors, worker representatives, Safety Technicians / Safety … Read more

Adobe Illustrator Course in Chakwal – Lahore – Rawalpindi

Adobe Illustrator is a graphic design program used primarily to create vector graphics. Developed in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop as a complementary product, it is used to create logos, visual identities, strips and fonts for Photoshop’s photography layout. While constantly updated, Painting added new features to its versions, such as three-dimensional applications and the addition … Read more