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Safety Officer Course in Rawalpindi

Haris institute offer a Safety Officer Course in Rawalpindi – Islamabad about basic components of safety & equip the individual necessary competence to handle technical report writing if something happens in the field and guide the personals about hazards and risks. This course design for  Supervisors / Safety Supervisors, worker representatives, Safety Technicians / Safety Assistants and fresh students who require an understanding of workplace health and safety principles and practices and wish to pursue their career. Haris institute offer a Safety Officer Course in Chakwal – Peshawar Mardan and Lahore Campus.

Safety Officer Course Outline

Module 1: Management of Health and Safety
Module 2: OHS Legislation and regulations
Module 3: Identification, Evaluation & Analysis Techniques for OH&S Hazards & Risks

Module 4: Hazards & their Controls:

  • Fire hazards and controls.
  • Electricity hazards and controls.
  • Work at Height hazards and controls.
  • Excavations hazards and controls.
  • Hazardous Materials hazards and controls.
  • Mechanical & Non-Mechanical hazards and controls.

Module 5: Safe Working Methods:

  • Storage of Substances
  • Scaffolding
  • LOTO
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Permit to work
  • Waste Management
  • Manual Handling
  • Safe Lifting
  • Traffic Management.

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A safety officer is an officer who is responsible for an organization’s safety. He or she is in charge of employee health and safety, providing a safe workplace, designing and suggesting safety measures, monitoring, anticipating, and regulating hazardous and unsafe conditions, and initiating and sustaining health and safety cooperation within a company. Safety officer course in islamabad and Pakistan .

The Safety (HSE) Officer Course is for individuals who are looking ahead to their future and want to secure it by pursuing a career path that will lead to a brighter and more prosperous future. This course is a full package of information and talent; we guarantee that if you receive training from our university, you will never have any doubts or questions about your course since we provide thorough and easy-to-understand content. Safety Officer Course Rawalpindi City .

Individuals working on any project during safety training at the institution

The use of PPE, s including safety helmets, complete types of helmets, complete types of gloves, cover all, safety shoes, safety The use of goggles, face masks, full body horns, half body horns, shock absorbers, belts, couplings, safety signs, chemical dresses, deadly smoke and full face masks used in gases and their car tags etc. are taught.

Reporting accidents

During the training, the Safety Officer is given a tour of the various workshops inside and outside the organization so that the Safety Officer can learn to prepare reports on possible accidents and visit different workshops and projects to see what has been done here. There are safety hazards that can cause an accident or explosion. Visiting the project and workshop tells the instructor where you want to check these hazards and how to prepare a report on them and this report is higher management. How to give and how to prevent these accidents by contacting the relevant department.

Provide safety training

When a Safety Officer is posted as a Safety Officer in a company, his duty is to ensure that he is provided with the manpower coming to the project such as X-ray welder, pipe fitter, fabricator, scuff folder, mason, electrician, AC technician, duct. Give safety training to man, crane operator, rigger, labor and many technical people who do not know about safety at all so that no accident happens during work. He can also provide safety training on the project.

Civil Construction Safety

During the course in the institute students were given complete construction safety training related to civil construction safety including major construction projects such as multi storey building, shopping mall, power plant, five star hotels, hospitals, towers, airports, metro stations, flyovers. So that he can serve as a safety officer on any construction project.

Who should take this fire safety course?

The law requires all employees to receive appropriate fire safety training, and our course is designed to help your business meet this legal requirement.

From employees to managers and full-time staff to the industry in which you work, it is suitable for anyone at any level.

If you are in charge of monitoring firefighting hazards and evacuation procedures, such as fire warden oversight, you will need to receive advanced training in addition to this course of practical use in firefighting equipment. Has been provided.

Requirements for fire safety training

It is a legal requirement that all employees receive annual fire safety training at the time of inclusion and from time to time in most workplaces.

The training should be done by a competent person who has proper and appropriate skills and knowledge of fire safety.

What is a fire safety course?

The Fire Safety Management Course is a self-learning course located on the International Training Center ILO e-Campus website.

It is designed to provide employers, workers, and their representatives, as well as others, with roles and responsibilities in relation to fire safety so that they can ensure that appropriate measures are in place to prevent fires. ۔

It should also be located to detect fires and evacuate all occupants of the building efficiently and safely.
The syllabus mentioned in this article can usually be obtained after completion of 10th and / or 12th. Eligibility criteria vary from one course to another.

Fire and safety training is gaining popularity with each passing year. This sector is creating a lot of employment opportunities.

Fire and safety courses are also known as fire and safety technology / fire and safety management. Despite their different names, these courses share the same training modules and materials. get learn safety officer in Rawalpindi get safety officer course in pakistan

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