Social Media Marketing Course in Chakwal – Special Discount

Social Media Marketing Course in Chakwal

Haris Institute offer a Social Media Marketing course in Chakwal city Campus. Social media marketing is the process of marketing through social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Using the social aspect of the web, social media marketing manages to connect and connect on a more personal and dynamic level than traditional marketing.

A social media marketing strategy can be as simple as attaching the “Digg This” and “Tweet This” tags to the end of a company blog, a Twitter account, or articles. This can be as complex as the entire campaign, which includes blogs, Twitter, social networking and wireless videos via YouTube.

Social Media Marketing Course Outline

  • Introduction of Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Ads
  • Paid Facebook ADS
  • Live Companion

Complete Course Fee: 16000/-

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Social Media Marketing and social news

The easiest form of social media marketing is to tag articles and blog entries for easy submission and voting on social media sites like Digg. If you’ve ever shared this widget at a Digg vote counter or at the end of an article, you’ve seen this form of social media marketing in action.

This type of marketing can often be automated, so it’s easy to implement. It can also be very effective for media companies, and can be a great way to promote a company’s blog. Social Media Marketing Course in Chakwal

Social media marketing and blogs

In many respects, blogs can serve as an extension of traditional media. Copies of such reviews can also be sent to traditional media such as newspapers and magazines, popular blogs on the subject.

Blogs also offer the opportunity to meet ‘virtual tours’ together. For example, many authors have pointed to virtual book tourists, which allows them to reach their own fans. This virtual book tour includes author interviews and Q&A sessions, as well as book reviews and book reviews.

Social media marketing  & social networking

It has become increasingly important for presence on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. In addition to these popular social networks, there are many specific social networks that may be the best place to set up camp for specific products.

Social media marketing and Twitter

Twitter has picked up a lot of steam in the last year for a great place for social media marketing. While Twitter has grown beyond micro blogging roots, it’s important to think about Twitter with the company’s blog. While the main goal is to get the word out, it’s important to add personalized contact, or just re-enter the company’s blog, instead of relying on RSS feeds to deliver style press releases.

In addition to growing many followers, Twitter can be particularly effective when users interact with customers and fans.

Social media marketing and YouTube

The most effective social media marketing strategy center around YouTube and sparse video. Often more time consuming and expensive, YouTube can easily become the center of a major social media campaign.

Due to its social nature, YouTube can be a great way to interact with customers and get them involved in marketing as well as products. One of the best examples of social media marketing on YouTube that was well done was Microsoft’s response to “I have a Mac” ads.

Facing Apple’s head through marketing, Microsoft was engaged in a viral “I have a PC” marketing campaign in which customers uploaded their own “I have a PC” video response around. The main purpose of such customer interaction is what social media marketing is all about and is the basis for building an effective strategy.Social Media Marketing Course in Chakwal

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